1981 Porsche 930 Turbo Outlaw Is a Perfect Storm


Back in the early days of modified Porsches, Outlaws were seen as blasphemy by most purist Porschefiles, but their desirability has increased massively in recent years, mostly thanks to the work of people like Bruce Canepa or the nice peeps at Emory Motorsports, who are arguably seen as the inventors of the term Outlaw in the first place.

The name itself may have been coined more recently, but modified Porsches have existed for almost as long as the company, and dozens of custom shops are currently making their living from transforming older Neunelfers or 356s into works of art on wheels.

Not so many modern Outlaws are as driver-focused as the following 930 Turbo though, a 1981 model that was modified by Protomotive Engineering with their comprehensive Stage 1 upgrade.

Originally a stock black on black 911 Turbo (930), the car was originally the fastest production car available in Germany, the land of Autobahns with no speed limits. The 1981 model apparently only needed 300 horsepower to achieve over 260 kph (162 mph), so you can imagine how much faster is the following Outlaw by Protomotive.

The only exterior alterations comprise yellow-tinted fog lights, a set of 3-piece Speedline alloys and a lowered ride height, while the all-black interior has been upgraded with a boost gauge from a 934 race car, a steering wheel borrowed from the 3.8 RS and the deletion of the ashtray and glovebox.

Under that giant ducktail is where the magic happens, as the original 3.3-liter turbocharged flat-six has been completely disassembled and resealed before work for the Protomotive Stage 1 even began.

The heads have been refinished and ported, there are a new oversized intercooler and an upgraded Garrett GT35R turbocharger alongside a full stainless steel exhaust and headers. Cumulatively, the mods give the engine an output of no less than 425 horsepower, sent to the rear wheels through and upgraded clutch and a 5-speed G50 transmission. The car has a little over 100,000 miles and is up for auction in California with no reserve.


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