2020 VW Golf Lowered on Air Suspension or KW Coilovers


After years of speculation, the Golf 8 is finally here, a modern hatchback you can order today. But look past the hybrid engines and you’ll find it’s still a normal German hatchback, which means it’s prone to be tuned.

For whatever reason, the Golf is one of the preferred canvases of the aftermarket scene. Its otherwise bland body is often paired with expensive wheels in creative styles.

We’ve already shown you the first slammed Golf 8, sporting a set of Rotiform alloys. And today, we’ve got two more projects from Germany, which look identical at first but require different tech.

The black car belongs to Null Air and Static. The system they have on sale costs from €3,000 and naturally allows the Golf to go up and down, preserving its everyday usability. The wheels chosen of this project are 21-inch OZ Racing with a center-lock design.

The other slammed Golf, the gray one, is from Gepfeffert and has a different technical solution. It sports V2 or V3 coilover suspension from KW. The famous purple and yellow shocks are designed for track use and are adjustable for comfort. This time, the wheels are from BBS, another brand associated with VW tuning for decades.

Volkswagen has been making the Golf for 45 years, and during that time, it’s shifted 35 million of them. This new generation looks a little different, but its proportions are largely the same as before.

In our mind, what really sets the Mk8 apart from its ancestor are the engines and its interior. The 2020 Golf has several turbocharged engines that also use mild-hybrid technology. In fact, even the Golf GTI and R are likely to have some form of electrification.

Once inside, you’ll notice that everything has joined the digital age – no analog dials, capacity switches and voice commands for the climate control, a DSG shifter that’s not mechanically connected to anything.


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