2021 Jaguar F-Type Shows Angry New Face in Fresh Rendering


The Jaguar F-Type has already undergone numerous updates including a facelift. But the model planned for 2021 is also a bit like a facelift, just more comprehensive in both design and technology.

This is a sports car of many faces. You have the normal V6 models, which are great rentals, as well as the monster V8s which snap and try to kill you.

Also, Europe wanted something cheap and efficient, so Jaguar made the P300 model, which packs a 300 horsepower 2-liter turbo, similar to a hot hatch. How much of this will be kept for the 2021 model? Now that’s an interesting question.

JLR already has new engine technology on the market, such as the first inline-6 from the Ingenium family. You can already buy it on the big Range Rovers, where it produces 400 horsepower, though we have no doubt it can make more. Can an inline-6 fit in place of a V6? Well, actually, the supercharged 3-liter Jaguar has now is pretty fat.

According to Land Rover’s pie charts, the new F-Type is supposed to be a hybrid as well, though nobody knows exactly what that means. The most likely scenario is that a 48-volt mild-hybrid system will recover energy, just like on the Evoque P300. The Jag is not exactly the most spacious car, so we can’t imagine them fitting a plug-in’s battery under the trunk. But a full-on EV with the battery in the transmission tunnel might be possible, given that the motors have been developed for the I-Pace.

As for the flagships, we doubt the 5-liter will survive. Either they’ll use the BMW 4.4-liter bi-turbo, which would be great, or you’ll have to make do with a 450-ish horsepower six-cylinder. Either way, say goodbye to the superchargers.

Anyway, the Russians at Kolesa once again did an excellent job pealing back the camo, thus allowing us a glimpse of the 2021 F-Type. Just like in the spyshots, we’ve got some narrow new headlights and a redesigned grille sitting ahead of a longer nose. The back shows new taillights, but that mighty wing might not stick to the actual car.

It’s not the first time a car was called new even though it’s not. The practice is quite common in the supermini segment. For example, the Fiesta is derived from the previous model and the Corsa has basically had a bunch of different faces on the same body for 2006 to 2019. More recently, the Land Rover Discovery Sport got treated to a sharpening of the headlights.


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