Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale “Moon Rover” Looks Better Than Most Supercars


While the design of the original Lunar Rover had to rely on imagination, since nobody had traveled to the moon, these days NASA isn’t the only builder of such machines. And I’m not just referring to the multiple countries that continue to create proposals of the sort, but also to the virtual realm – the rendering staring at us from behind the screen proposes an Alfa Romeo Moon Rover.

Actually, the wacky pixel job uses the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale as a starting point. Of course, the iconic machine, which is known as one of the first members of the supercar genre, has been gifted with plenty of kit aimed at ensuring proper operation in the environmental conditions involved by this exercise – brush tip to digital artist Gurdeep Panesar for this piece.

And the newfound wheel/tire package of the 1960s machine is perhaps the best example of them all, as you’ll get to notice in the Instagram post at the bottom of the page.

Of course, there are also bits of the car that would be anything but useful on the moon, such as the air intakes. Then again, this is part of the pixel dream’s charm, isn’t it?

Besides, given the oddball-grade nature of the project, no purists will ever have to worry about some eccentric aficionado messing with one of the just 18 units of the 33 Stradale.

Now, in case you’re wondering about the connection such crazy renderings have to the real world, you should know this exists. And the most recent example involves a machine that started out in life as a rendering, became a Need For Speed hero car and was eventually turned into a build that debuted earlier this month at SEMA.

PS: Make sure to use the swipe feature of the post below, so you can enjoy the full eye candy.


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