First Ford Focus RS Wagon Conversion Comes With Drifting AWD


The Focus RS might have been more interesting as a wagon. There, we said it. It sounds strange, but that would have stopped people from comparing it to the A45 AMG, and the ride might have been a little smoother.

Most American fans of the fast Ford probably don’t know this, but the lesser Focus ST model was and still is available as a wagon in Europe and Australia. The model was designed to compete with something called a Skoda Octavia RS, which is like a GTI but practical.

I bet you want a Focus RS wagon now, right? Well, such a thing exists in Russia. It’s one thing to show you a couple of pictures of a wagon with the bumpers swapped out and quite another to have videos as well. That’s right; this is a complete powertrain swap.

Normally, the ST comes with a 2-liter turbo running on gas or even diesel, with the power being sent to the front wheels exclusively. But the RS boasted a 2.3-liter turbo with about 100 horsepower more plus all-wheel drive. It’s a magical system too, capable of sending so much of the power to the back wheels that the Focus RS is able to drift.

An Ukrainian (we think) shop called SS-Tuning put this bad boy togeter, probably to promote its body kit. You see, while Focus RS is wider than the ST. And while installing the bumper is easy, you have to deal with the fenders too, which is too much work at the back. So instead, they designed fender flairs which are the next best thing. In addition to that, the aero has been enhanced with an extra-deep chin and more wings.

The shop has even thought about the interior, retrofitting the famous bucket seats and their own carbon fiber steering wheel design


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