Ford Mustang Mach-E Looks Even Better as a Lifted Truck


Say what you will about Ford, but this company knows a thing or two about cool trucks. It pioneered the use of turbocharged engines in the segment and even gave Europe a little Raptor.

It’s crap in a drag race, but at least they tried. Design something else they’re pretty good at. Not many people remember this, but the concept that led to everything we see today is the Evos, dating back to 2011. After it came out, these cool Aston Martin grilles and sleek headlights made even boring cars seem sporty.

The reactions to the Mach-E, which is their first dedicated EV model, were kind of mixed. But if you look at it as an electric crossover that just happens to have a few Mustang elements, it’s pretty good.

You can’t blame it for the eventual downfall of the pony car. And even though F-150 sales are more robust than ever, but Ford isn’t taking any chances. Details are scarce at the moment, but it’s expected to arrive in 2021. There’s even been a test mule, shown to be capable of pulling a million lbs.

The design is one of the biggest unknowns here. It will probably be about the size of the F-150, but the Mach-E could preview the new front end styling, with only a hint of a grille and features used sparingly.

The renderings we’re showing you, counrtesy of Aksyonov Nikita are of a truck conversion for the Mach-E. Of course, Ford doesn’t plan to make such a thing, since it would be too small. If anything, you can ignore the truck bed and just see it as a more off-road-ready version of the crossover, which kind of emulates the relationship between the Escape and the Baby Bronco.

Unibody compact trucks are undoubtedly going to be a thing sooner or later. However, with them needing to be cheap, it’s unlikely that we’ll see all-electric versions in the foreseeable future.


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