G63 and E63 Drag Race 520 HP Ford Focus RS, Decimation Follows


AMG cars have steadily gotten faster over the past few years. But we love a good underdog and always secretly hoped an underdog like the Ford Focus RS can take them on with the right set of mods.

When it comes to alterations on a fast Ford, it doesn’t get much better than Mountune. The company has decades of racing experience and their work is so good that you can find them in official dealerships.

Before we go deeper into the upgrades on the RS, let’s get the big number out of the way: 520 horsepower. That’s a sizable increase over the stock configuration. While both the G63 and E63 have more, they’re also significantly heavier cars.

But keeping our fingers crossed didn’t worth this time, as the RS got decimated by the German engineering proved unmatchable. The drag race video mainly highlights the huge difference in performance between the E63 S and G63. Both have 4-liter V8s, but the wagon boasts slightly more power and makes better use of it.

But everybody expected that. What’s interesting here is the showdown between the G63 and the Focus. The AMG has 65 hp in its favor but is bogged down by almost an extra ton of weight. it should lose badly but doesn’t. Turbo lag is part of the explanation. The mods that add 170 hp to the 2.3-liter EcoBoost also mean that output isn’t available immediately. There’s nothing you can do about that, plus the manual gearbox is another obvious disadvantage.

Even in the brake test, the lighter Focus doesn’t shine. Yes, it comes with a Brembo upgrade pack, but it’s designed for track use and doesn’t deliver the maximum clamping power unless heated up. You’re probably going to have more fun in the hot hatch, but in the eyes of the world, a Mercedes and especially the G63 is cooler.


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