Italian Zero Motorcycles Conversions to Sell From Spring 2020


It will be a very electrically-charged spring for motorcycle riders wishing to buy an electric two-wheeler. The offer is now more diverse than ever, and there are some garages out there than even provide custom modifications for existing bikes.

American bike maker Zero Motorcycles has been around since 2006, and for all intents and purposes it can be considered the creator of the present electric bike movement. Until the arrival of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, Zero was the biggest name in the game.

Their present lineup of electric bikes comprises five models: SR/F, S/SR, DS/DSR, FX, and FXS. Exciting as they were from the get-go, the factory specs weren’t enough for Italian company E-Racer Motorcycle.

The Europeans decided to make two of the Zero bikes, the SR/F and FXS, better, lighter and more appealing, so this week they announced modification packs for each. Based on the SR/F, they came up with the Edge, a cafe racer-styled bike that is lighter than the American original, thanks to modifications made to the headlight, side tank area and the tail.

The bike is powered by an electric drivetrain that develops 110 hp and 190 Nm of torque and a range of 259 km in certain conditions (160 miles). The FXS received attention as well, and was transformed into the Rugged Mark2, a Zero with a modified body, personalization options, and an audio system.

The Italians plan to sell the conversions they have in mind for two bikes starting next spring, for prices that start at €6,000 ($6,600). That of course does not include the price of the actual Zero bikes.

For reference, the Zero SR/F retails from $19,495 in the U.S., and the FXS retails from $8,995. We’re not sure how many of these have been sold in Europe so far to be worth the effort of coming up with modifications for them.


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