Modernized 1992 Ford Taurus Looks Like as Sharp as a Tesla Wagon Would


The Ford Taurus and its sister car, the Mercury Sable were part of a revival era for the American sedan and wagon back in the 1980s. They were quite original in their design and saw huge sales success. Between 1992 and 1996, the Taurus was the best selling passenger car in America. And to this day, it’s Ford’s 5th most popular nameplate.

But you hardly hear about it. People don’t defend it like they do the Mustang, and like many normal cars of that era, the Taurus wagon rusts away, forgotten by all, including Ford. But a Photoshop artist who goes by TheSketchMonkey appreciates the look and decided to modernize it.

80s design and style are undoubtedly making a comeback, as you see more and more people rocking those neon colors while jamming to those synthwave beats. So how do we integrate the Taurus into that universe – black paint and a gold bird on the hood? No.

Mister Sketch Monkey blasted over the entire profile with a round brush to make it look super-sharp, while a super-large O-shaped taillight unit becomes the focal point of the design. Frameless doors, flush-fitting door handles and super-crisp panel lines would make every car look cool. But the question is, would people buy this Taurus wagon today if it looked like that? Probably only if it’s electric and/or slightly crossover-shaped. Plus almost any car fan can tell those taillights would never pass safety regulations.

So what happened to the Taurus? It kind of got old. The mid-sized FWD-platformed car got replaced by the Fusion while the Taurus became the bigger car you know today, the one that’s a police car, only much later in its life. The wagon body itself died about 15 years ago, and we already talked at length about the death of this segment in a previous article.


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