Range Rover Cyclops Concept Looks Sleek, Shows Minimalist Design


Walk into a Land Rover showroom today and, perhaps with the exception of the Velar, you won’t be surprised by the styling cues. However, the British carmaker is preparing serious updates, with two or three Range Rover models being in the pipeline.

The first is the obvious replacement for the Range Rover, which is set to land in 2021 using evolutionary styling. However, it looks like the company is also set to deliver an evolution of the badge in the first part of the next decade, with this coming in the form of a not compact luxury crossover that would prioritize road manners over rugged terrain abilities.

And here’s how Land Rover Design Director, Gerry McGovern, described the newcomer for Auto Express: “We always have been quite pioneering. Let me just put it this way – if people like Bentley and Rolls-Royce can do an SUV, why can’t Land Rover or Range Rover do a luxury car?”

Will this new member of the family be electric? Well, the answer is probably positive, but, even so, its styling should reflect the philosophy of the sub-brand.

Of course, this won’t be the first time when the Brits expand the RR family, with the Evoque and the Velar being a testament to this. And here’s to hoping that the newcomer is more like the first than the latter – at least from where I’m standing, the design of Velar loses quite a bit of the badge’s elegance.

So, whether we’re talking about evolutionary or revolutionary styling, I’ve brought along a rendering (think: independent artist) that shows how a next-gen Range Rover could look futuristic while sticking to the styling cues that have made the label famous.

We’re looking at a rendering that came our way via automotive designer Joaquin Obligado, with this having been part of a group thesis project completed together with former Jaguar Land Rover designer Rossana Pronzato.


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