Tesla Model 3 “Plaid” Interior by Vilner Looks Like Vintage Chanel Tweed


European interior specialist Vilner are the go-to shop if you want a unique dashboard in your BMW or 1990 Trabant. However, they’ve really outdone themselves with this Tesla project.

One of the things bugging normal car people about Tesla Interiors is a lack of customization options. Sure, you might have one colored leather option, but it’s nothing like as varied as BMW’s or Audi’s pallet.

The upside to that is you won’t have to spend tens of thousands on options. But it also narrows your self-expression and ability to stand out. Perhaps inspired by the “Plaid” Tesla Model S that was trying to set Nurburgring records this year, Vilner has switched the smaller Model 3’s interior from artificial leather to fabric.

We don’t know much about fashion, but the teal blue used for the seat centers and headrests looks a lot like a classic Chanel pattern, the Houndstooth. Meanwhile, another uniform fabric wrapped around the roof, door pillars and a few other places. Orange leather is then applied to the bolsters and inserts on the doors, perhaps as a form of contrast.

Tesla replaced the normal dashboard with a standalone touchscreen and a decorative wood panel has been mounted. In the re-upholstering by Vilner Garage, the presence of this minimalist element is further emphasized, since part of the skin used for the door trim is of a similar color to the wood.

“The gray digital gloom in the interior of a noiseless car can be brought to life by a stylish and positively predisposing combination of high-quality materials inscribed in the original design of the passenger compartment – a unique atmosphere of tranquility, serenity and captivating hospitality that surrounds you like a home-made garment,” the tuner boasts about its unique Tesla release.

Sadly, the “Plaid” interior doesn’t make the Model 3 faster, but the $2,000 over-the-air updates do


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