Widebody R34 Nissan GT-R Is Full Of Carbon, Looks Sliced


While widebody kits are nothing new, social media is simply obsessed with them nowadays. And, if we are to talk about the current season, it’s obvious that the 2020 Toyota Supra is getting most, if not all of the attention. So, in an effort to change that, I’ve brought along a rendering that portrays a widebody R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R.

As is the case with the Supra, the current GT-R was born famous, mostly thanks to the aftermarket-built reputation of its predecessor(s).

So let’s keep in mind that the R34, which was the final GT-R to wear the Skyline name, was no stranger to uber-wide arches and four-figure outputs.

Thus, the aero package we have here comes to remind us of that. The kit features plenty of carbon and it’s almost as if the lower side of the Japanese toy is wearing an aero armor made of the wonder material.

Much to nobody’s surprise, the flared arches stick to the boxy design theme of the R34 GT-R, which is why they seem to work just fine.

In case you’re wondering, the rendering sitting before us comes from a digital artist called Karan Adivi, whose work we published on multiple occasions.

And while we’re talking about the R34, you should know we’ve recently showcased a rendering that demonstrates what happens when the styling of the icon migrates to the still-reigning R35 GT-R.

Given the hefty styling distance between the two generations of the Nissan halo car, you wouldn’t exactly expect the result to be a looker. However, the melange manages to achieve just that.

In fact, you can regard this rendering as a way to pass the time until the Japanese automotive developer finally gives us some serious clues on the next iteration of the go-fast machine – while this has been confirmed, no details have been dropped to date.


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